Monday, August 29, 2011

Sleepover fun

Hello readers!  Lucy-chan here again!  Well, I mentioned a couple of days ago that Keisha and I were going to have a sleepover.  It was such a blast!   We played Rock Band with Dylan, ate all kinds of junk food (pizza, popcorn, berry ice cream blast oreos), and watched hours of Sailor Moon on my laptop.  At one point we were all hyped up and what not and started singing into hairbrush microphones and did a performance of the theme from Sailor Moon.  It's so catchy, it's hard not to sing along!  Well, right in the middle of the song, my wicked step-mom came in and said we needed to quiet down since we weren't the only people in the house.  We weren't even being that loud... 

"Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight.  Never running from a real fight -- she is the one called Sailor Moon!"

But anyways, after we got scolded for being too loud, we sat and did each other's hair in crazy styles.  It was really fun although I don't think either of us has a future as a hair stylist.

And we stayed up way too late, woke up early the next morning and spent all day doing nothing in particular but still having fun.  =)  All in all, it was a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to school!

Hi-hi everyone!  Lucy here.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  Last Monday was my human's (Bre/BuckinghamAlice, for those who don't know) birthday and she's been busy and whatnot, so you know how it is.  

Well, this Monday was the first day of school here, and I was super nervous.  I'm in the 6th grade and this was my first day at my new school in Bakersfield.  Not only that, but my new school is a private all-girls school, and I've only ever been to public co-ed schools.  Luckily, Keisha and I were both going to the same school (and would both be new kids).  She was just as nervous as I was, so we spent a long time in the days before Monday talking about what we would wear, what we would bring, and everything like that.

When Monday morning came, Keisha's mom drove us the fifteen minutes across town from our regular middle to upper middle class neighbor to the bona fide ritzy area.  Keisha and I are in the same class (thank goodness!).  Our teacher is named Miss Anne Demello, but she told us all to call her Anne.  She's fairly young and really pretty, but best of all, she's really nice.  Keisha and I both like the school a lot, but we haven't made any other friends yet.  Most of these girls have been going to this school since kindergarten, and it's a pretty small school, so they all know each other well.  No one has been mean to either of us, but they haven't been nice either.  One of the girls is having a birthday party this weekend, and Keisha and I are the only ones in our whole class who didn't get invited.  We're not too upset by it, but it would have been nice to get invited to a party.  We decided to have our own party this weekend.  A sleepover -- just the two of us, a bell pepper and olive pizza, and a huge stack of DVDs.  We're going to have a lovely time and not think about school.  =)

And since the pic at the top of the post is a closeup, here's a full length shot of Keisha and me on our way out the door on the first morning of school:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello from guest blogger Keisha!

Hello everyone!  It's Keisha, filling in for Lucy today.  She suggested I give this blogging thing a shot... I figured why not!  I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and hopefully get to know some of you. =)

My name is Keisha Vance, and I'm 11 years old.  Like Lucy, I've just recently moved to Bakersfield, and luckily she and I ended up next door to each other.  I was worried that I wouldn't meet anyone as nice as my old friends... but Lucy is great!  She and I have a lot in common... we both like to play outside, never sit still, and love old movies.  Lucy is really funny and sweet and is easy to talk to... I'm so glad I met her!

I live with my mom and dad as well as my younger brother and sister.  Sometimes I really love being the oldest kid in the family, but sometimes it's a pain.  I like to do lots of things in my spare time, but I often get stuck babysitting.  But hey, someone has to do it, right?

I like to take pictures and cheer.  I used to be on my old school's squad... I'm looking forward to trying out for the squad here when school starts up.  And I may join the photography club if there is one.  

Hope to talk to you again soon!
Love, Keisha

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Suspect Behavior

So, you guys remember I was telling you that something strange was up with my brother Dylan?  Well, he's getting even weirder and more suspicious!  He's still been taking lots of private phone calls and sneaking around.  He's been very secretive.  And last night, I caught him sneaking in very late!

I was out of bed getting a glass of water (or, to be perfectly honest, I was getting a cookie and a glass of chocolate milk, lol), and I heard someone at the door.  I panicked!  It was almost 2 AM and, as far as I knew, everyone in the house was asleep.  I grabbed the nearest weapon-- one of my step-mom's ugly vases-- and the phone... I was readying myself to bash the intruder over the head or in the stomach or whatever else I could reach when the intruder lit the hall way with his phone and I saw it was in fact Dylan.

"Goosey! What are you doing up?" he demanded.
I put down the phone and vase.  "Why are you just getting in?"
He hesitated.  "No one needs to know about this, okay?  Just between me and you."

And then he rushed upstairs.  When I woke up this morning, there was a small stack of mangas outside my door.  Dylan had left a little note on them that said, "I've been meaning to give these to you <3."  So, is this a bribe?  I don't know what to think of any of this.  I'm just not used to Dylan  sneaking around and being less than honest.  What do I do?  I don't want to tell my dad that something is weird because I would hate to get my brother in trouble.  I mean, he doesn't seem to be in danger or anything... I just can't help but worry.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo Fun

Hello again, blog friends!  The other day Keisha and I had nothing to do, so we decided to be photographers.  It was really fun and the pics turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself! ;)  Here's a few more:

Don't you just love taking silly pictures with your friends? Talk to you soon!