Meet Keisha

1. Your name
Keisha Rae Vance

2. Your age

3. City you live in
Bakersfield, CA

4. Married / Single
Duh, single!  I'm 1!

5. Do you have children
Ditto above

6. Most important person to you
My parents

7. First color that pops to your head

8. Do you have a job, if so what do you do
I go to school.

9. What do you like best about your life at this time
I've got a really great best friend, and I'm starting to meet new people.

10. What would you like to change about yourself
Well... I sometimes wish I wasn't always so open with everyone.  I kinda set myself up to be hurt sometimes...

11. Whats your biggest pet peeve
Small minded people.

12. How many states have you lived in
Just California.  But I've lived in three different CA cities.

13. What 1 word best describes you

14. Lover or fighter
I can be both!

15. If you had 1 wish what would it be
I wish I could have my friends from my old school and Lucy all here.

16. Name 1 person youd like to meet
Greyson Chance!

17. If you were told you had 5 days to live what would you do
Cry, pout, beg my parents to take me to Africa

18. Do you think your attractive
Not to sound conceited, but I think I'm all right

19. Do you drink beer/liquor

20. Your favorite place to eat

21. How would your friends discribe you
Outgoing, fun, silly, loyal

22. Are you the life of the party
I try to be ;)

23. Do you remember the last lie you told
Not really... and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you here!

24. Have you ever been to jail
Course not.

25. Have you ever cheated on someone

26. How is your day going
Pretty great!

27. Who is the last person you paid a compliment to
My sister

28. What did you do last night

29. Do you have plans for this weekend
I'm not sure yet.  Hopefully I'll do something fun!

30. Where did you go on your last vacation
My family went to Florida

31. How much money you have on you right now
I'm in my PJs, so none!

32. Are you happy with your life
Fairly, yeah

33. Whats your favorite day of the week

34. Whats the last store you went to

35. How do you picture your life in 10 years
Hopefully I'll be happy

36. Whats your favorite drink

37. What religion are you

38. Discribe your family
My mom and dad are really loving... not terribly strict, but we can't get away with too much.  I'm the oldest and I get forced into doing all the stuff my parents are too busy to do.  My sister Ashley is middle and always feels like she doesn't get any attention.  My little brother Ronnie is just a toddler... everyone finds him really adorable.

39. If you found 50.00 laying under a chair that someone was sitting in, would you pocket the money or ask them if its theirs
I'd ask the person if they dropped it.  What goes around, comes around.

40. How is your relationship with your parents
I love them, and I think they love me.

41. What the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color green

42. Whats your favorite month and why
I like December, because the holiday season is so fun.

43. Who were you last mean to
I try not to be mean to anyone.

44. What color most fits your personality and why
Purple, because it's bold and fun

45. Are you bored with this survey
Not yet, but let's keep it to a minimum so I don't get bored... ;)

46. Are you a perv
No =P

47. Do you own any credit cards
No... my parents wouldn't allow that

48. How long have you been on my space
I'm not on myspace...

49. Can I have your credit card #
... Is this a serious question?

50. How many websites are saved in your favorites
A lot, lol

51. How many email addresses do you have
Just one

52. Where are you at
My house

53. Why exactly are you taking this survey
To add to the blog =D

54. What time is it
Pretty late... I should be in bed...

55. Is your cell phone close to you
Don't have one

56. Is your mouth dry
Not particularly

57. Where will you be 3 days from now at 5pm
No clue.

58. Are you tired of answering these dumb questions
I'm getting there... =P

59. If you hit a dog while driving down the road what would you do
I'd be really sad and feel really guilty... I'd try to find the owner and confess and apologize.

60. What do you think of my survey
I've taken better and I've taken worse.

61. Arent you glad its over
Yes! =P