Friday, February 17, 2012

Lunch with the Stepmom

So, if you've read this blog at all before, you'll know that my step-mom is not my favorite person by any stretch of the imagination.  She realizes that neither Dylan nor I are terribly fond of her, but she tries to push a little too hard.  It's really hard not to resent her for that.  But the other day, I was out playing with Keisha, and when I came home, I overheard Dylan talking and laughing with her.  Like old friends.

And then, the biggest insult of all was when he said, "thanks, Mom," to her.  I mean, he was joking... but still.  That woman is not our mother.  First my dad replaced her, and now Dylan is.  When I heard that, I ran to my room and slammed the door.  I stayed in there crying for a long time and I wouldn't let anyone in.

I never really got to know my mom, but Dad and Dylan did.  It isn't fair that they have memories of her and they're letting Lily invade that.  Dad has told me that loving Lily doesn't mean we're replacing Mom, and intellectually I understand that.  But I can't change how I feel... I just wish someone would try to see it from my perspective.  *sigh*

Well, Lily knew I was upset but she didn't really know why.  She wanted to cheer me up though, so she came and got me out of school early the next day for a girly day.  She took me to lunch, to get a manicure, and to get a new outfit.

It was awkward.  Very awkward.  This was the first time I was ever alone with her for that long.  I know she was trying to be nice, and I appreciated it, but it was another one of those times when she was trying way too hard.  We hardly knew what to talk about.  And the dress she bought me is so not me.  It looks like something she'd wear, but in my size.  Again, I do appreciate the gesture, but it was just so... wrong.

So, yesterday morning (the day after our girly day), she got a little upset when she saw me dressed for school in something other than the dress she bought.  And then she got even more upset when she saw that I'd kinda scuffed up my manicure a bit.  I mean, I'm not sure what she expected... she knows I bite my nails.

Oh, well.  I know she's trying hard.  Maybe I should be trying a little harder myself.  But I just... can't.  Not yet.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tea Party

Today was a fun day.  Keisha and I didn't have anything to do, so we decided to throw ourselves a little mini tea party, because that's what sweet girls do when bored (or so my step-mom said!).  We had tea and cupcakes, and I must admit, it was pretty nice!  We wanted to get dressed up like society ladies, but neither of us owns any clothes like that, so we wore our regular stuff.  We acted sophisticated, even if we didn't look the part... so we felt pretty grown up!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Becoming a Model

Hello everyone!  First, I must apologize from my long blogging absence.  Nothing blog worthy has really happened to me though.  I do promise to try and update more (as I miss you all when I don't!) and Keisha has promised the same.

School has gone well, and I've been hanging out with Keisha all the time.  The other day, my brother Dylan took us to a Super Bowl party at the teen center, and that was fun.  I mean, I don't like football much, but I did enjoy hanging out with people and eating snacks.  But Dylan got into a foul mood since the Pats lost, but I pretty much knew that might happen.

For everyone that was concerned, things have been going fine between my dad and step-mom.  They've had a couple of spats (mostly about finances) but my daddy told me not to worry.  He said most couples fight from time to time, and it's usually about money.  They only fight about twice a month... the rest of the time, they get along great.  Sometimes they get along too well!  I'll vomit if I catch them making out again.  *shudder*  But better that than my dad being sad.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was to show you all this link.  Bre, the human around here, bought this spiffy new Valentine's Day party dress and she asked me to model it!  I couldn't say no!  You can see more pics on the link above (which leads to her blog), but here's a preview:

I'm going to wear this dress to the Valentine's Day party we're having at school!  Don't you think I'll look spiffy?