Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Becoming a Model

Hello everyone!  First, I must apologize from my long blogging absence.  Nothing blog worthy has really happened to me though.  I do promise to try and update more (as I miss you all when I don't!) and Keisha has promised the same.

School has gone well, and I've been hanging out with Keisha all the time.  The other day, my brother Dylan took us to a Super Bowl party at the teen center, and that was fun.  I mean, I don't like football much, but I did enjoy hanging out with people and eating snacks.  But Dylan got into a foul mood since the Pats lost, but I pretty much knew that might happen.

For everyone that was concerned, things have been going fine between my dad and step-mom.  They've had a couple of spats (mostly about finances) but my daddy told me not to worry.  He said most couples fight from time to time, and it's usually about money.  They only fight about twice a month... the rest of the time, they get along great.  Sometimes they get along too well!  I'll vomit if I catch them making out again.  *shudder*  But better that than my dad being sad.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was to show you all this link.  Bre, the human around here, bought this spiffy new Valentine's Day party dress and she asked me to model it!  I couldn't say no!  You can see more pics on the link above (which leads to her blog), but here's a preview:

I'm going to wear this dress to the Valentine's Day party we're having at school!  Don't you think I'll look spiffy?


  1. Hey! I haven't been blogging much lately either. I know what you mean by wanting to vomit when you see your dad and step-mom being mushy! Sometimes I think my mom and her boyfriend forget that they have kids! Oh, well. You're dress is very cute!


  2. Cute cute cute dress you look awesome wearing that dress, I love it .. Mama needs to get making things for us girls again .. cannot wait for the house to warm up so she can .. lol

  3. Salut, Lucy!
    I've been absent from my posting duties for at least a week; I've been extraordinarily busy.
    Fortunately, I haven't seen my parents get all lovey-dovey; I consider myself to be very lucky. My parents fight quite often, too, though I swear that my mom starts most of it...
    Anyway, you look great in your new dress! You girls always have such nice clothes.