Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parental Arguments

Hey again!  Lucy here.  I just had a pretty weird experience.  I woke up early to go to the rest room, and as I was walking down the hall I passed my dad and step-mom's door, and I overheard them arguing.  It sounded pretty bad too... they were fighting about money.  I guess my step-mom bought some painting which cost way more than my dad thought she should spend, and he was really upset that she did it without talking to him first.  And then she was upset that he was acting as if she needed his permission.

Now, I've made no secret of the fact that I don't get along with my step-mom.  Sometimes the sound of her voice sets my teeth on edge.  But hearing them argue like that really scared me.  I used to think I'd love it if they broke up, but I know now that I wouldn't.  My dad would be miserable.  I mean, I can't see anything in her, but he apparently really loves her.

Have you ever heard your parents arguing?  If so, did it worry you?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We never did ask...

Hey everyone! It's me, Keisha! I'm sure you noticed when you clicked on the blog that we have a fancy new header pic. Lucy put it up when she made her last update. We also added survey pages for the both of us, and we're planning to update them from time to time with other random surveys.

What do you all think of these changes? Do you have any ideas of what we could do to make the blog the best it could be?